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Galicia, Wines and Camellias

Bringing a bit of the northwest Spain to the Basque Country, Galicia, a well known place first of all for their pilgrim race, but Galicia is more than that, It is surrounded by beautiful lagoons, crystal-cleat rivers and forrest and never to forget one of their strong keys…Gastronomy. The best fresh seafood can be found in every corner of each town you may visit, the wines are recognized worldwide, fresh whites that accompany the afternoons after a day of visits, a day of discovering the different sites that Galicia brings to you. The past 6th of April, NIS organized with the Tourism Agency for the promotion of Galicia, TURGALICIA, a gathering in Bodega Urbana, in the center of Bilbao where hundreds of travel agents where invited to enjoy an afternoon of wine and Camellias, the place looked like a forrest where you could enjoy a wide variety of wine tasting and a cocktail from the one Michelin Star Chef, Pepe Solla, from Pontevedra. A presentation from the destination was shown and the participants were given …

NIS attending IBTM Barcelona

NIS recently attended the IBTM in Barcelona, where hundreds of professionals from all over the world experts in MICE gets together year by year. NIS offers different products and solutions to those companies, agencies and enterprises who would like to discover something new, a great destination with lot´s of opportunities, from Incentive trips where we show them and make them participate in our oldest traditions to car launches accomodating and making sure that the high standards of quality and services are provided. That and much more has been offered by Marimar, in one of the numeours fairs she attends all over the World.  

Flamenco Art in the Basque Country

Having the opportunity of enjoying a Great Flamenco Show in the Basque Country? Why not? Everything is possible! NIS gather the best of the best for this special event onboard one of the most exclusive and luxury Cruises, the Regent Seven Sea Cruises in their port of call in Bilbao. The well known dancer of Flamenco, Eli Belmonte, with her strong steps and her vitality,  a perfect pair with the ¨maestro¨Jose Manuel Palacios, who brings his soul into the stage and accompanied by the guitar of Enrique ¨El Vaka¨, who followed the art of the Flamenco guitar since he was just a child and whose family are well known in this type of music and Juanjo Navas, whose voice makes you feel the intensity of the lyrics, a perfect companion for a perfect Flamenco Show.

Showing the best of the Basque to Dublin

We recently had the opportunity to bring a bit of the Basque Country to Dublin, show them everything there is to be seen, where to go from there, and of course, a bit of our gastronomy to their palates by the hand of Dani Garcia (Zortziko) and Jabier Gartzia (Boroa) two of the best restaurants that you can find in Bilbao and surrounding area, helding both a Michelin Star. The event was held by the Bizkaian Council and organized by NIS, in the center of Dublin, where more than 100 journalist and travel agents had the opportunity to meet with suppliers from the Basque Country, DMC´s and Hotels. Giving them more reasons to sell the North of Spain to their customers. The cocktail and the food was a display of the best representation from the Basque Country, not only because the materials were brought from there, because they had the chance to be cooked   by the top Chefs , Dani Garcia and Jabier Gartzia. Chelo Escabias, Managing Director of NIS, North Incoming Services and representatives …