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Flamenco Art in the Basque Country

Having the opportunity of enjoying a Great Flamenco Show in the Basque Country? Why not? Everything is possible! NIS gather the best of the best for this special event onboard one of the most exclusive and luxury Cruises, the Regent Seven Sea Cruises in their port of call in Bilbao. The well known dancer of Flamenco, Eli Belmonte, with her strong steps and her vitality,  a perfect pair with the ¨maestro¨Jose Manuel Palacios, who brings his soul into the stage and accompanied by the guitar of Enrique ¨El Vaka¨, who followed the art of the Flamenco guitar since he was just a child and whose family are well known in this type of music and Juanjo Navas, whose voice makes you feel the intensity of the lyrics, a perfect companion for a perfect Flamenco Show.

A walk through the history of magical Getxo.

Spending a few hours in Getxo is not enough to feel the ambiance and the many things there is to be discover in this town.  As you enter This town, The Bizkaian Bridge opens their arms to everyone, it transport more than 3 million people a year and we had the opportunity to see it and feel it from atop. A majestic iron structure designed by Alberto Palacio, that is part of the Unesco World Heritage since 2006. Not to be afraid of heights, and just happy to see the town of Portugalete, their steep streets that finishes in Santurtzi, and then to your right Getxo, that sits along all the bay until your eyes can see. Walk through the bridge and feel the underground gondola shaking your feet! Walk towards the old fisherman Town by the beach, houses touching each other with still the smell of sea. and then….The adrenaline pumps up, we are excited! Whats next? Who’s this! A fisherman from the 1930’s? What? Now we travel back in time, this guy shares what …