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Cruise Ship Season is already here!

As it was just a few months ago that we said our goodbyes to the Cruise Ship season,  this new one has started already! The P&O Britannia, with nearly at its full capacity, 3900 guests plus crew, well known in our coast and our port, had the privilege of being the first Cruise Liner docking in the new port of Getxo.

Guests were gladly surprised of the layout of the Terminal, with the majestuosity of the crystal building, the amplitude of the area and the new and technological security features for all users made with this first arrival a very pleasant one, and of course the day helped too! with nearly 29C !

Nis had the opportunity of trying the new terminal, as we manage the operation from the port and from Bilbao downtown, where thousands of passengers were transfer to discover the city by themselves or in the numerous tours that we offered. Never to forget that not only these tours goes to Bilbao , but to other corners of our beautiful and not yet fully discover corners of the Basque Country, Donostia, Gernika, etc…so don’t miss out. Come and enjoy!

Day of Spain in Oslo, Norway

The past 18th of April Oslo Tourism Office celebrated in Oslo, Norway, the day of Spain.

Nis, was invited to assist to this event, where more than 80 touroperators, bloggers and other people with relation with Spain and turism in general gather for a short presentation of the destination. We had the opportunity of showing and telling what else the escandinavians can see in Northern Spain, not what they are used to! we have more than beaches in here!

The event took place in a Palace, Gamle Logen, inaugurated in 1839, where the King Karl Johan was the main figure and who aimed to use this Palace as a place of events and dance balls.


A Unique Museum of Lanterns in the heart of the Basque Country

Walking through the heart of the Basque Country, Vitoria. A city that unveils many secrets, the green Capital of Europe in 2012, helds one of the 2 Museum of Lanterns in the world. The Museum, hidden in the middle of the Zapateria Street in the beautiful old town, whose streets are cobble stoned,  it was first open in 1900, currently housing 273 of these spectacular Lanterns, made of polychrome crystal, weighting hundreds of pounds each, and only used once per year, on the 4th of August with the procession of the Rosary in the festivities of the City, a tradition that has been carried on from generation to generation, where the members of this Brotherhood are proudly carrying them througout the streets of Vitoria, NIS was invited recently to a private viewing of the Museum and we can say that it is a plan not to be missed.39ECFEEF-B0DD-4E58-87A4-C3F80A2DAC01

Luxury & Premium Travel in Bilbao and Basque Country

Why not let yourself get away with any of the premium options? We have just returned from ILTM in Cannes, a show in which companies/agencies,  from all over the world show their best wishes,  covering the most unattainable dreams of the most demanding clients. Like for example Ethiad airlines, which for only USD 25,000 offers Doha-N York in a suite onboard for 2 people. But in Euskadi we are not far behind! With our exclusive team of local tour guides and our service of transportation of Mercedes Class S, and Class V, we have already attended thousands of customers with the highest demands. We have made that your trips to Bilbao, San Sebastian, Rioja, Pamplona, ​​Burgos or Ribera de Duero have been memorable experiences with the most exclusive services.

We attend from our office at the Bilbao Airport to your customers, right at the door of the plane, being the only agency doing this, greeting them with our Mercedes Class S, we organize picnic lunches of the highest culinary level with a unique wine tasting between vineyards, private visits to Museums, not to mention the “Behind the scene” VIP tour at the Guggenheim Museum, meetings with local artists, private cooking classes with Michelin-star masters or gourmet tastings in Marqués de Riscal, CVNE, Bodegas Bilbaínas .. centenary wineries that keep exquisite wines in their cellars.

In any case, we want to state  that, for us, luxury is equal to authenticity, we enjoy and are always passionate about providing the best service, beyond the impossible .. We like the challenges and those of our customers. Failure is not trying.


NIS attending IBTM Barcelona

whatsapp-image-2016-11-30-at-18-43-49-1NIS recently attended the IBTM in Barcelona, where hundreds of professionals from all over the world experts in MICE gets together year by year.

NIS offers different products and solutions to those companies, agencies and enterprises who would like to discover something new, a great destination with lot´s of opportunities, from Incentive trips where we show them and make them participate in our oldest traditions to car launches accomodating and making sure that the high standards of quality and services are provided. That and much more has been offered by Marimar, in one of the numeours fairs she attends all over the World.


Farewell to Cruise Ships….for now

barco-blogWith the image of the majestuosity that a Cruise Ship like the Navigator of the Seas emplies, NIS said goodbye to another successfull season at the Port of Bilbao. It wasn´t easy, but we do truly enjoy our port operations. NIS takes care of the Shore Operations of numerous Cruise Lines, from the biggest ships of the World, like the Anthem and Quantum of the Seas, to the most exclusive and small ones, tailor made tours for all kind of customers.
We have to say thank you to many, from the Port Authority, the Local Police of Getxo and Bilbao, who made sure that everyone safety is their priority, the transportation companies and GetxoTaxi, who provide top service to our customers and of course, all our providers, restaurants, bars, museum and a long list of people that made an impact on so many people, giving the best example of the Basque Country and what we can offer here. A great team of proffesional guides and our in house team, thank you to all, and see you again in April, to inaugurate the wonderful new Terminal for Cruise ships at the Port Of Bilbao, in Getxo.

Flamenco Art in the Basque Country

Having the opportunity of enjoying a Great Flamenco Show in the Basque Country? Why not? Everything is possible! NIS gather the best of the best for this special event onboard one of the most exclusive and luxury Cruises, the Regent Seven Sea Cruises in their port of call in Bilbao. The well known dancer of Flamenco, Eli Belmonte, with her strong steps and her vitality,  a perfect pair with the ¨maestro¨Jose Manuel Palacios, who brings his soul into the stage and accompanied by the guitar of Enrique ¨El Vaka¨, who followed the art of the Flamenco guitar since he was just a child and whose family are well known in this type of music and Juanjo Navas, whose voice makes you feel the intensity of the lyrics, a perfect companion for a perfect Flamenco Show.

flamenco barco

A walk through the history of magical Getxo.

Spending a few hours in Getxo is not enough to feel the ambiance and the many things there is to be discover in this town.  As you enter This town, The Bizkaian Bridge opens their arms to everyone, it transport more than 3 million people a year and we had the opportunity to see it and feel it from atop.


A majestic iron structure designed by Alberto Palacio, that is part of the Unesco World Heritage since 2006. Not to be afraid of heights, and just happy to see the town of Portugalete, their steep streets that finishes in Santurtzi, and then to your right Getxo, that sits along all the bay until your eyes can see. Walk through the bridge and feel the underground gondola shaking your feet!


Walk towards the old fisherman Town by the beach, houses touching each other with still the smell of sea. and then….The adrenaline pumps up, we are excited! Whats next? Who’s this! A fisherman from the 1930’s? What? Now we travel back in time, this guy shares what it was like living in “The Sailors Town” at that time, on a joyfull way, accompany by two others that will tell their storytale and make you learn a bit about the origins of this part of town.

The whole guided experience is a mix of emotions, add a little breeze and some laughs and there you go. A day in Getxo goes by as a memorable experience, we might say goodbye for now, but for sure there is so many things to discover in this wonderful city.

Showing the best of the Basque to Dublin

We recently had the opportunity to bring a bit of the Basque Country to Dublin, show them everything there is to be seen, where to go from there, and of course, a bit of our gastronomy to their palates by the hand of Dani Garcia (Zortziko) and Jabier Gartzia (Boroa) two of the best restaurants that you can find in Bilbao and surrounding area, helding both a Michelin Star.

The event was held by the Bizkaian Council and organized by NIS, in the center of Dublin, where more than 100 journalist and travel agents had the opportunity to meet with suppliers from the Basque Country, DMC´s and Hotels. Giving them more reasons to sell the North of Spain to their customers.

The cocktail and the food was a display of the best representation from the Basque Country, not only because the materials were brought from there, because they had the chance to be cooked   by the top Chefs , Dani Garcia and Jabier Gartzia.


Chelo Escabias, Managing Director of NIS, North Incoming Services and representatives from the Press in Dublin.


Musicians brightening the night with  traditional songs, there is no language barrier in Music!

Once again, bringing a bit of the Basque Country and Northern Spain to other countries.