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A Unique Museum of Lanterns in the heart of the Basque Country

Walking through the heart of the Basque Country, Vitoria. A city that unveils many secrets, the green Capital of Europe in 2012, helds one of the 2 Museum of Lanterns in the world. The Museum, hidden in the middle of the Zapateria Street in the beautiful old town, whose streets are cobble stoned,  it was first open in 1900, currently housing 273 of these spectacular Lanterns, made of polychrome crystal, weighting hundreds of pounds each, and only used once per year, on the 4th of August with the procession of the Rosary in the festivities of the City, a tradition that has been carried on from generation to generation, where the members of this Brotherhood are proudly carrying them througout the streets of Vitoria, NIS was invited recently to a private viewing of the Museum and we can say that it is a plan not to be missed.39ECFEEF-B0DD-4E58-87A4-C3F80A2DAC01

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