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A Unique Underwater Wine Experience

 Among our key Strengths, we put special attention on innovation. It’s extremely important for our Company to offer new and genuine activities that our clients have never experienced before.

This is the reason why we offer a unique experience for the most discerning palates: an underwater wine tasting. Ever heard of it?

These limited-edition wines have a unique aroma and taste due to the way they have been aged: under the waves and currents of the Bay of Biscay.

We offer you the opportunity to taste one of the most special wines in Spain. And it is not only an innovative experience, but also a sustainable activity since the cellar was designed on 2008 as an artificial reef and is now a natural laboratory where various marine biology studies are carried out, attracting interest from various universities and institutions. The Company also performs periodic monitoring to assess biodiversity and the possible effects of climate change in parallel to the beverage production under strict quality controls.

Crusoe Treasure is one of the few companies to offer this innovative product and we are glad to work with them in order to offer you a special experience to remember.

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