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Our future


We are living the most extraordinary times that we ever have heard of. Even in the hugest Hollywood production, we could never imagine such a nightmare.

If we called this a fire, the only thing we are supposed to do now is to put it out. But, how? We are not firemen!.. we are only professionals of tourism trying to do our best to make our clients happy and amazed with our tours and activities! Should we put our skills and expertise in the cupboard?

Should we hide our renewed ideas for the next season? Definitely, No! We will keep them fresh for you. Our oven is ready to cook some of the greatest and most amazing experiences when you are able to travel. Travelling will never be so necessary than after this crisis. We will all need to meet, to feel the air, to enjoy food, to step the earth, to climb a mountain, hike a path by the cliffs or bike alongside the river bank. The Basque Country is waiting for you. Our Basque daily news just launched this unusual video. The beauty of our country is still here waiting for you, needing you all, tourists, visitors, friends…

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