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Our present times

In these difficult times in which we currently live, all companies are setting up new processes. Work techniques have changed very quickly with this unexpected scenario and remote work has appeared as a new tool that contributes to stay healthy, but also productive and connected
In NIS, we are also working at home, sharing with our valued clients all over the world a bit of our personal life. We believe that now is a time more than ever that we need to be connected, feeling close but far way, supporting each other, regarding ourselves as members of one family
During these times of unprecedented change, and taking into account the severe impact of the Coronavirus crisis in the tourism industry, we can not ignore that it will be very hard to get up for all of us…but we want and we need  to be positive…  so we continue working in a constructive way, looking for new challenges to prepare us for a next but unpredictable future, when we finally step on the road of recovery.

It is important not be guided by negative impressions or toxic news. The international tourism organizations have already started to talk about recovery, that would take place in three different phases. The science community surely will provide soon a vaccine, antivirals and other resources for this pandemic. Sooner than later, all the countries will overcome this unprecedented disaster and we will lose the fear of getting infected… then, we will need to continue to live as we have always lived… and of course, we will travel again !

In NIS, we will be always waiting for your return. After 28 years of trajectory, we continue facing each day and each proposal with renewed enthusiasm, and now, more than ever, we are looking forward to reunite and continue working very close to you in our amazing destination :  Bilbao, San Sebastian, Rioja wine area, Castile- Leon… We will keep on working hard to offer you the best experiences with the best smile !!
Until then, stay safe & stay positive

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